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Model Programs - Well-implemented, well-evaluated programs whose developers have agreed to participate in SAMHSA/CSAP's dissemination efforts and to provide training and technical assistance to practitioners who wish to adopt/adapt their programs. Ensuring that programs are implemented with reasonable fidelity maximizes the probability for repeated effectiveness. (SAMHSA Model Programs)

Here is a list of some model programs.

Evidence Based Programs and Practices - Tucson LINKS supports the need for evidence based programs and practices. The stakes are too high and resources are too limited to direct precious resources, time and money, to programs that have not established their effectiveness.

In June 2003, Tucson LINKS held an Evidence-Based Fair to provide opportunities for educators to examine and learn about evidence based programs that would help meet the LINKS challenge of improving academic achievement by reducing barriers to success, such as violence and substance abuse.

Click here for a list of program descriptions and links that were represented at the Tucson LINKS Evidence-Based Fair.

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