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Community Partnership of Southern Arizona

The Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA) is the administrative organization responsible for the coordination of behavioral health treatment and prevention services in Southern and Southeastern Arizona. CPSA is a local, community-based, non-profit organization that is dedicated to ensuring the provision of accessible, high quality, and cost-effective behavioral health services for adults and children.

As one of the five Regional Behavioral Health Authorities RBHA) statewide, CPSA contracts with behavioral health agencies in Pima County (GSA 5) and the four Southeastern Arizona counties (GSA 3) to provide mental health and substance abuse treatment and supportive services for eligible individuals. Prevention programs are also provided for children, families, and communities within the counties served. In collaboration with members and families receiving services, providers and other key stakeholders, CPSA continuously strives to improve quality of care and to respond to changing community behavioral health needs.

If you would like more information about CPSA, call 325-4268 or visit

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