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How to Get Involved

How can a school get involved?

  • Schools in the Tucson Resiliency Initiative will be automatically invited, but the expectations of LINKS will be somewhat different
  • Other schools should contact the district representative to gain support before making a commitment to LINKS
    • Amphitheater - Nancy Harden
    • Flowing Wells - David Baker
    • Marana - Joanne Gelormine
    • Sunnyside - Francisco Morales
    • TUSD - Kay Aldredge
  • Call Tucson LINKS to arrange for a school outreach coordinator to meet with principal, site council and faculty
  • Assess commitment level of staff to become involved
  • Make commitment

What are the criteria for acceptance as a LINKS school?

  • Active administrative support and 80% agreement among staff to participate
  • A Core Team willing to drive the process within the school
  • Commitment to principles of resiliency
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Commitment to participate in all school related evaluation processes

What are the expectations of LINKS Schools?

  • Active leadership support from site administrators
  • Participation in school-wide Protective Schools assessment
  • Identification of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Development of a long-range plan using strength-based model
  • Development of action plans
  • Working with LINKS staff to identify professional development needs
  • Time for implementation of professional development plan
  • Active participation of administrator and staff in implementation of plans
  • Development of Student Assistance Team (child-study) to develop plans for students experiencing difficulties
  • Referral of families to appropriate services
  • Participation in evaluation activities

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